Approaching our One Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to imagine that one year ago we were putting all of our raw footage together and designing the QueerPorn.Tv you see today!

This Fall has been a particularly wild time. Courtney moved from San Francisco to Oakland, and Tina relocated from Oakland to New York City to work on her MFA.

Not to worry! QPTV is still alive and thriving! We have merely widened our scope. That’s right: QueerPorn.Tv can now add first and only East Coast queer pornographers to all the feathers we already have in our cap!

Over the summer we updated the site with genderqueer power switches, playful pegging, some rough sex that is anything but straight, romantic knife play, a femme-on-femme dildo fest, and a leather sling pouring over with femme ejaculation!

We are also proud to have our strap on and dildo segments on Smitten Kitten’s education page. Impact Play, Vibrators, G-Spot, and How to Find the Porn that’s Right for You are in the works!

It’s been a jam-packed year since our November launch, and we plan on commemorating that journey for our one year anniversary, so stay tuned!


Tina and Courtney

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