I’m Queer Porn TV’s sugar daddy and I love it.

Location: Oakland California
Identities: Ladyfaggot, sadomasochist, sleazy impresario, rocknroll exhibitionist macho slut
What makes you queer? Dissonance and a finger up the ass of protocol and tradition. Lacy bra and tighty-white-y’s. Apollonian body, Dionysian ass. Bratty little boy, hungry cunt, bossy queen, brutal dick. Service-oriented bookworm attention whore. The kinda switch that tops you the way she wants to be topped, and takes it like more bottoms should. Glamorous, yet hopeless with makeup. Insatiable.
Pitch your life as a reality tv show. Social workin punk rocker by day, dominatrix and queer porn star by night
Tell us about your QPTV scene(s.) I’ll never forget the eager list of Dirty Things To Do that the magnificent Judy Minx and I made over cocktails and pizza in a light night Toronto restaurant: piss, fist, pacifier… It became the first filmed QPTV scene!
I feel much sexier as my boyself than trying to femme it up for the camera, so I was in hog heaven doing a leather D/S spanking and slingfucking scene in a very special dungeon space for me. I’ve got a boner for Dylan’s sensible intellect and atheltic body, and she may talk the best trash of anyone I have ever performed with.
And then of course my Big Sur hot tub private sex tape with my beloved Roger Wood speaks for itself.
How has queer porn changed your life? The word Queer came into my life like a screaming locomotive, a steam-powered phallus of progress! Queer! A place to locate yourself! If the Straight line is the closest distance between two points, then Queer is every point is every direction in dimensions unfathomable and all the lines and rainbow curves between them, bouncing across the universe like glittery dime-store bouncy balls!
Queer was the first category that felt expansive enough to warrant my affiliation, and queer porn was a place I could come out loud with a lot of attention, just the way I like it.
Exhibitionist My favorite thing about exhibitionists is that we’re easy to find! My exhibitionist greatest hits would have to include: some of the extravaganzas I have organized as a BDSM professional… getting spanked by Nina Hartley at the Masturbate-a-thon… any time my Daddy and I have an audience for our marathon fucking…  the Switch play party in Toronto where I floated away on masochistic cloud nine being spanked by Mr. Grey, Papi Coxxx, and Dylan Ryan … giving Violet Blue a foot massage at Femina Poten’s Art of Restraint … and bringing my community together for the Queerly Beloved Pink Sunday Gay Shame Party!

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  1. hi! 1st of all love the tats!

    2nd thanks so much for coming here and making some sexy vids. just in case i dont get to seeing any more vids tonite i did look at the 1 this talks about and it was really neat! 😀 so 3rd id never tell any person this irl but that watersports part was gorgeous! i just about melted!

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